Sergei Eisenstein. Selected works. Vol.3: writings, 1934-1947

Sergei Eisenstein. Selected works. Vol.3: writings, 1934-1947

Eisenstein, Sergei. Selected works. Vol.3: writings, 1934-47 / edited by R. Taylor; translated by W. Powell. - New York ; London : I.B. Tauris, 2010. - 405 с. : фот. ; 23 см. - ISBN 978-1-84885-357-7 : 1249,00. 

Sergei Eisenstein (1898-1948) was not only one of the worlds greatest filmmakers, he was also one of the most important theorists and teachers of film. In the period covered by this volume, 1934-47, his filmmaking ran into the difficulties generated by the authorities' increasingly restricted definition of socialist realism, by the show trials, the purges, the Second World War, and the postwar proclamation of a rigid cultural orthodoxy by Stalin's henchmen, Zhdanov. 

In this volume, we see Eisenstein's reaction to this hostile environment, as filmmaker, theorist, and teacher, from his public obeisance over Bezhin Meadow to his private defiance with Ivan the Terrible.

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